August 11, 2022

11 ways using Clippings will improve your procurement experience

Learn how you move faster through all phases of the procurement process by working with the Clippings platform and team.

11 ways using Clippings will improve your procurement experience

In the cycle of most commercial projects, the selection and purchase of loose furniture and lighting are thought about in the later phases. By then, the deadlines can be uncomfortably close. Sometimes, the site might already be near completion. And who hasn’t worked on projects where the plans – or budget – have changed since the furniture in the renders was signed off so that you have to start from scratch? Even when the schedule is comfortable, choosing and ordering the FF&E is traditionally a very lengthy, admin-heavy process. If time is running out, it’s just a pain. Not with Clippings. We’ve rethought the entire process to make it more intuitive, connected and collaborative. Learn about the ten benefits of a free Clippings account that will help you get design-led furniture, lighting and accessories for your hospitality, workplace and commercial residential projects.

1. Rely on one partner for all your FF&E needs

The Clippings platform supports all phases of the procurement process,  with the support of an experienced team for more complex projects. Once logged in, you simply start a project to which you can add products you consider from our catalogue or other suppliers. In the same space, you’ll then narrow down the specification, request and review quotes showing delivery options and costs, and place the order – you can even see the delivery status of every item. Each project can be a collaborative space for your colleagues, end clients and the Clippings team. Check out the How-to guide to familiarise yourself with all the platform functions. 

2. Discover and choose the best design   

It’s all about choice. Discover iconic designs and the latest releases of over 200 contemporary high-end brands in our online catalogue. Browse by category through furniture, lighting, accessories and workplace products. From refined Scandinavian minimalism to Italian sophistication, each section features a range of styles to bring out the best of your space. And with just one click, you can add them to your project on Clippings.

3. See important details right away – including your trade discount 

Online shopping is so easy. And that’s why our product pages look familiar – only that we’ve populated them with everything interior designers, architects and specifiers need to know. In addition to essential product details like dimensions and available finishes, you can see the current lead time and trade discounts. There’s also the option to download 3D models and images. Instead of adding items to a cart, you can save them either to a project or, if you’re in a rush, directly to a quote draft. 

4. Compare furniture visually on your board

On the board you can see and compare product saved to a project.

All products you save into a project appear on the board. Presented in a Pinterest-style grid layout, you can see how items will look next to each other in a room. You can also assign them to spaces, which function like subfolders so you can structure your product selection by style, floor plan or budget. 

5. Source products from anywhere 

If you’re working on a large project, our procurement team can quote items for you that are not in the Clippings online catalogue. Using the Clip Tool, our handy Chrome extension, you can save images and info from other websites to your project. When you request a quote, we’ll price them for you and also confirm lead times with the supplier, cutting your to-do list even shorter. 

6. Free yourself from lengthy email chains

Collaborators can leave comments on product suggestions.

You can get all your project stakeholders on Clippings to speed up the decision-making. They can leave comments on specific products and approve or reject suggested them. Plus, they can add items as well. These functions are designed to give teams a superior digital option to discuss furniture and lighting suggestions compared to spreadsheets and slideshows. Find more out more about collaboration tools on Clippings in our How-to guide.

7. Get the client involved at the right time 

Once you’ve finalised your furniture selection and are ready to present the FF&E package, you can share the Clippings project with the end client. This view only shows product images and some details, but not the price. They’ll love using Clippings, too, as it will speed up the sign-off!

8. Work with our team at any project stage

When working on the platform, our team is never far away. You can drop our colleagues a message on any page via the chat box. If you’re working on larger projects, our specification team can even create a furniture package based on your brief in the project. You just sign off product suggestions and quotes directly on the platform. 

9. Waste no time waiting for quotes

Get an instant quotes and place orders right away.

From your board, you can pick products you like to request a quote, including delivery costs. If you’re only interested in products available on Clippings, you just need to enter a delivery address to receive an instant quote. If you’re happy with it, you can directly place the order. For all quote requests with products from other suppliers, our spec team will price them within two working days. You can learn more about quotes on Clippings work here.

10. Integrate your existing workflows 

You can download all product details and images from your board or quote drafts as an Excel spreadsheet. There’s also the option to save all product images in a project into a .zip file. And invoices for placed orders are also available to download directly in your account. That means less filling out spreadsheets manually, fewer emails and more time for you to spend on other tasks.  

11. Don’t worry about storage, delivery and installation 

That’s part of our service. We’ll consolidate all parcels and pallets in our warehouse and deliver them in one go at the date agreed with you. Our logistics team can organise the assembly and placement of all furniture in your space. That means we’ll also take care of the packaging, for which our partner runs a recycling scheme. 

Want to learn more about how to procure furniture and lightning with Clippings? Contact us today for a personal intro call. 

Main image: Lana Low Back Easy Lounge Chair by Ondarreta

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