June 15, 2020

What's new on Clippings: our June release notes

Our platform is constantly evolving. You can now create quotes faster, filter by lead times and choose from more delivery options.

What's new on Clippings: our June release notes

Our developers have been very busy over the last few weeks. Well, they are always very busy, building new features for the platform. You can now filter product listings by lead times (handy when the deadline is tight) and it's now possible to add products from the catalogues directly to a space or specification. Plus, there are new options for you at the check-out. Here's the full rundown.

Filter by lead time

Lead times filter on Clippings
Use the new filter to see only products that fit the timeline of your project.

No project comes without deadlines. So it's easier for you to find products that fit the timeline of your project, we’ve added a new “Lead time” filter on our listing pages. Activating it will make sure that the listing only includes products matching the lead time of your filter. And just as a little reminder: our lead times indicate how long it will take to produce and ship the product to our warehouse.  

Add products directly to specifications

Add to specification menu on Clippings
Add a product from our catalogue directly to a specification so you can check-out faster.

Sometimes, you know what you want right away. That’s why you can now add products from the Clippings catalogue directly to a specification, skipping the step of saving them to your board. There's now an “Add to specification” button on every product page which will open a menu listing your projects on Clippings. Simply select the right project and pick an existing specification or create a new one. Once the product is added, you can go to the specification and check out with only a few clicks. 

Save products to spaces

Add a product to a space on Clippings
Save a product from our catalogue directly to a space of your project.on Clippings.

When you’re building a project on Clippings, you might have created several spaces on your board. For example, an office project will include several meeting rooms, desk areas and a lobby and for each one you have a separate space on Clippings. You can now add products directly to these spaces when browsing the Clippings catalogue.

You can do this on a product page by clicking on “Save to project” or from a listing page via the black plus button.  You can then choose the project and space you want to add to. This will save you the time of going back to your board and reorganise the products after you added them. 

Choose delivery dates and type of delivery at check-out

Delivery options menu on Clippings
Our new check-out lets you choose to get all your products delivered together on your preferred date and book installation services.

We’ve brushed up our check-out menu and you can now set a preferred delivery date for your order. This date can be a different date to the overall project deadline, for example, if you need to phase deliveries for a project. The earliest date you can pick is based on the lead times of the products in your order.

You can now also have the choice between two delivery options. Pick “Together” to get all your products delivered in one batch from the Clippings warehouse. This means we’ll wait with the shipment to your project site until all items have been delivered to us. And with one tick you can also opt-in to get the furniture installed by our experts. 

Alternatively, opt for “As soon as they’re ready” and we will send out each product to you as soon as it arrived in our warehouse. 

What other features would you like to see on Clippings? Let us know and send an email to hello@clippings.com.

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