April 29, 2022

Creative Lead Caitlin Lomax selects her favourite designs on Clippings

Caitlin Lomax, creative lead for high-end office developer and landlord WorkPad, talks to us about her design philosophy and favourite products on Clippings.

Creative Lead Caitlin Lomax selects her favourite designs on Clippings

Founded in 2013, WorkPad develops and rents out high end, boutique serviced offices in central London. Caitlin Lomax has joined the company as creative lead, building spaces that enhance their occupants' wellbeing through great design.

Meet Caitlin Lomax

Caitlin Lomax is the Creative Lead at Workpad.

Tell us a little about yourself and WorkPad!

I’m the Creative Lead at WorkPad, a luxury commercial property group based in London. We specialise in creating luxury, private and fully bespoke workspaces in exquisite period properties. 

Given how much time we dedicate to being at work, I’m always looking at how we can make those workspaces more inviting. We know how valuable our environment is for productivity and overall happiness, so why shouldn’t it be invested in to make it feel like home?

What or who inspires you at the moment?

I find this question hard to answer. It really depends, I am inspired by art, architecture and travel.

Please describe your interior style in five words.

Textural, subtle, romantic, delicate, refined.

What projects are you working on right now? 

7-10 Beaumont Mews in Marylebone, has been a big focus of ours recently. We’ve taken the building, a flagship Howard deWalden Estate development, from CAT A to a fully bespoke CAT B fit out for one the world's leading media television production studios and we’re truly excited to see how they use the space.

We currently have four further period buildings under development which are due to open within 2022, whilst maintaining our focus on working with our existing clients to allow them to fully customise their workspace.

What design trend are you most enjoying at the moment? 

In a world that is always looking for the next trend to hop onto, I think it’s always nice to take a step back and design according to your own values without feeling the pressure of trying to keep up.

Caitlin's favourite pieces on Clippings

Big blue sofa in office lobby
Cloverleaf Sofa by Verpan. 'We’re hoping to use this as a central piece in an upcoming project.'
Interior render of a grey room with glass lighting
Cipher Wall Sconce by Lasvit. 'I appreciate the use of heritage techniques and modern form.'
Print showing portrait of historic man submerged in water
Submerged Collection by Mineheart. 'Working mostly with period properties, it’s nice to include a little touch of fun, something unexpected amongst the grandeur, and the Submerged Collection does just that.'

Favourite project with Clippings

'We loved working with Clippings to source the lighting for our recent Portland Place property. Our Clients wanted to create a space that they felt like their home, and lighting played an integral part in that!' To learn more about WorkPad's projects, follow them on Instagram or check out their website.

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