April 16, 2020

The evolution of Clippings into a B2B platform

Our CEO Franck Zayan shares how Clippings will focus on creating the best sourcing experience for interior designers. 

The evolution of Clippings into a B2B platform

Today, a new exciting chapter begins for Clippings. For the first time, we position ourselves clearly as the online procurement platform for interior designers and industry professionals, combining technology and personal services to offer the best possible specification experience. 

Clippings has come so far since Adel and Tom started the business. When I joined the team at the start of the year, the days of Clippings making its first steps as a marketplace and online retailer were long gone. But the original vision has not changed: to build one platform that improves the entire process of bringing interior concepts into reality.

The new Clippings homepage

Admittedly, until now it was easy to confuse Clippings with a conventional online retailer. Today brings a lot more clarity. We launched a new homepage that explains how using Clippings makes a difference to every interior project. 

A smaller sign of the switch is that we’ve also removed the shopping cart from all product pages. When browsing our catalogue with millions of products from the leading global design brands, users will be encouraged to add them to their projects on Clippings.

Franck Zayan, new CEO of Clippings
Franck Zayan, CEO of Clippings

I am very aware that this announcement falls into a time when the design community is facing extraordinary challenges. We started the project to become a trade-only platform months before the Covid-19 crisis unfolded and I’m proud that our team achieved to deliver it while not being in the same room for weeks. 

I want to use this opportunity to emphasise what I’ve said before: we’re here for you and will support your projects in every way we can. Clippings is built for collaboration, making it easy for you to work on projects from different locations.

In addition, our strong relationships with partner brands allow us to keep you informed with lead times changes and production updates from suppliers.  You can also email trade@clippings.com with anything you need and we’ll solve it together.

Stay safe and all the best,


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