April 20, 2020

How Clippings can get your project back on track

Trust us with the troubleshooting: here’s how our team can support you when a project gets tricky.

How Clippings can get your project back on track

You were prepared, the client signed off your vision for space and you felt comfortable with the deadlines. But then that message popped up in your inbox, the subject line starting with “URGENT”. The furniture budget is tighter, the project needs to be completed sooner or the client suddenly wants sustainably produced pieces. Instead of sailing through this project, you suddenly ended up in stormy waters.

It’s in situations like this when you can count on Clippings to have your back. Use our platform to find product alternatives in no time or get in touch with our team of design experts and project managers. They are experienced problem solvers, having delivered projects from residential to hospitality and office projects, and have access to a fantastic network of design brands. Simply get in touch, tell us what the issue is and we’ll get on with it.

No deadline drama

You are struggling to find products with short lead times? Use our vast catalogue to find furniture pieces, lamps or accessories and rely on our continuously updated lead times. You can also reach out to our team who can put together a specification according to your timelines saving you the legwork.

Back on budget

Your client loves the style you put together, but unfortunately the budget decreased? Let our team find alternatives for you, true to your envisioned aesthetic but with a lower price tag. You can also see trade discounts immediately in our catalogue to look for alternatives yourself if you have more time to readjust.

Creative consultation

Your client wants to see a detailed furniture and lighting specification, but the deadline is very tight and you’ve only been given some guidelines. Team up with Clippings for the procurement of the furniture and lighting pieces and our account manager will create a concept in the desired style that you’ll be able to present confidently.

Sustainable sourcing

Our team knows our product catalogue in and out and can help you source furniture and lighting by brands with a sustainable manufacturing ethos. Our account managers have an excellent design knowledge and can suggest items for sustainability-focussed projects, for example we’ve helped Nina+Co create the fist zero-waste restaurant in London.

Carefree Logistics

No time to handle logistics? We got you. When you order through Clippings, we can collect orders from multiple suppliers in our warehouse and ship them to your site when the site is ready. We can also help you with the installation on location so there’s one less thing to worry about. 

Keep communicating

Need to work with a team spread out over multiple locations? You can use our platform to build specifications with your team remotely or even your clients. Or simply share your ideas with them by sending them a link inviting to see what you’re working on. Use the Clippings project function to bring everyone together and work on a specification

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