October 2, 2020

How to streamline your teamwork with Clippings

Discover how our platform enables teams to collaborate on furniture and lighting specifications when working remotely.

How to streamline your teamwork with Clippings

Multiple spreadsheets with tiny furniture and product pics, in shared folders without any details and general confusion in the product selection workflow - miscommunication and outdated practices slow down projects. And with everyone working remotely, the chance for errors just got even bigger.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you and your team could manage the entire product selection and procurement process on one platform? We thought so too. That's why we built Clippings with lots of collaboration and communication features that help everyone involved in the specification of an interior project to stay on the same page.  Here's how it works.

Invite everyone involved

Invite your team on Clippings

Once you’ve set up your project, it just takes a few clicks to invite your team members or clients to collaborate. You can give colleagues full access so they can add furniture and lighting suggestions to the project, or simply share access to give visibility on what you're thinking. You retain complete control over who sees what level of information.

Opinions welcome

Discuss product suggestions with.your colleagues or Clippings team members

Use the comment function to leave notes and discuss selections right next to products in your board view. That way, everyone can keep track of the conversation in one place, exactly where it's needed. You can also reach out to the Clippings team for advice and information here.

What's in, what's out?

Status function on Clippings board
Change the status of a product to mark if an item makes it into the final specification.

To see all the details of the products considered for a project, you can open a list view showing all selected items with lead times and unit price. You’ll also see a status field, which allows you to choose between Proposed, Approved and Rejected so it's clear what products will make the final cut.

Stay on the same page

Board view of projects on Clippings
The board view lets you organise the products in a project into multiple spaces.

Organise products visually on the board into various spaces, so everyone can get a sense of the proposed style and feel of the project. And when you're on a video call,  this view makes it easy to follow along. There's no need to prepare presentations or update documentation afterwards - just share the link.

See the full picture

View of a furniture and lighting specification on Clippings.
The list view of specifications includes lead times and trade discounts.

Each project on our platform comes with uncomplicated access to all the product information you and your clients need to make informed decisions. Product details including available options, trade pricing and lead times for the millions of items in our catalogue are just one click away from your specification.

And when you need an extra hand, our procurement experts are available and ready to work with you on your project at every stage. You can request a quote in just a few clicks and we'll do the legwork for you, even for products that aren't listed on our platform.

Log in or sign-up now to try it yourself. New to Clippings? Book your personal demo of our platform here.

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