May 11, 2023

Milan 2023 Debrief: our favourite lounge chairs

Discover our top ten picks of new lounge chairs that caught our attention during Milan Design Week 2023 – from the cosy charmers to the effortlessly cool.

Milan 2023 Debrief: our favourite lounge chairs

Every visitor of Milan Design Week only wants to do one thing after a certain point: to sit down. While exploring the showrooms in town and the halls of the fair, we spotted a range of lounge chairs that would have been perfect for a relaxing break. But, of course, taking a seat on the precious new designs presented by brands and designers is not really an option. So while we soldiered on, we logged all our favourite lounge chairs. Read on for our curated selection of captivating lounge chairs unveiled during Milan Design Week 2023. From the sleek and modular Coco Collection by ames to the whimsical Loop Lounge Chair by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna and India Mahdavi, the new models feature innovative materials, artistic inspirations, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Coco Lounge Chair by ames

Image credit: Angel Segura / ames

German-Colombian brand ames unveiled the Coco Modular Seating Collection, a remarkable modular upholstery series that includes this sleek low chair. It’s been created in collaboration with the Spanish studio MUT Design. The geometric shape draws inspiration from the popular Latin American comecocos paper game, where hidden answers are revealed by unfolding origami paper. The chair is upholstered with a hand-woven fabric made from recycled acrylic yarns, crafted by artisans on a horizontal handloom in Colombia's Bolívar region. Each module features an interplay of patterns and colour variations achieved by weaving contrasting coloured yarns. 

Mickey Lounge Chair by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

Image credit: Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

With the Loop lounge chair, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna and India Mahdavi continue their collaboration, uniting the iconic curved lines of the Austrian brand with the whimsical style of the renowned architect and designer. The chair's distinctive loops resemble the ears of a famous mouse, one of Mahdavi's childhood heroes. By choosing different fabrics for the inner and outer parts of the upholstery, specifiers can add a friendly contrast to the design. 

High Cloud Lounge Chair by Moroso with Diesel Living

Image credit: Moroso with Diesel Living

Moroso with Diesel Living introduced the High Cloud lounge chair, an evolution of the Cloudsacpe chair. This oversized design, part of a sofa collection, strikes a balance between sumptuous comfort and streamlined aesthetics, featuring a raised base and sleek lines. The adjustable backrest and armrests enhance its adaptability, while the square cushions, adorned with signature stitching, add a distinct structure.

Silla Armchair by Marta Sala Editions

Image credit: Marta Sala

Silla is an armchair designed by Lazzarini&Pickering for Marta Sala Editions that is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The handmade frame of the outdoor variant is made with robust 316 marine steel, one of the most durable stainless steel alloys available. For the fabric cover, the brand uses Loro Piana fabrics. 

Duo Lounge Chair by Poltrona Frau and Ceccotti Collezioni

Image credit: Poltrona Frau

Italian powerhouses Poltrona Frau and Ceccotti Collezioni teamed up to create the DUO seating collection, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. The sleek, understated armchair features a solid ash wood frame, padding with polyurethane foam and Poltrona Frau’s Pelle Frau leather as cover. 

Twain Lounge Chair by Magis

Image credit: Magis

Making Patchwork work: Italian brand Magis presented Twain, a chair designed by Konstantin Grcic in collaboration with Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. A punk twist on the classic safari chair, the piece is crafted from a combination of natural materials, including wood, leather, and fabric. The solid ash frame features interlocking spindles in a choice of natural or black finishes, held together by a strap and ratchet system. For the armrests, chrome-free tanned leather strips are used with contrasting white or black-dyed edges. The draped cover featuring four unique patterns created specifically for this project by Hella Jongerius. Notably, the backrest is cleverly connected to the frame, allowing it to tilt in sync with the sitter's movements, providing maximum comfort and a sense of freedom. Twain is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and design excellence for which Magis is renowned.

Kollen Lounge Chair by Tobias Berg

Image credit: Tobias Berg

Spotted at the Norwegian Presence exhibition, the Kollen Lounge Chair uses bent aluminium sheets to create a striking visual statement. A design prototype by Tobias Berg, its silvery-white metal gives the chair a sleek and futuristic allure, complemented by the plush seating covered with a wool bouclé from Kvadrat/Innvik. Drawing inspiration from Norway's revered Holmenkollen ski jumping hill, the chair's name, Kollen, pays homage to this iconic landmark. 

Potrion Armchair by Maison Matisse

Image credit: Genevive Lutkin / Maison Matisse

Maison Matisse collaborated with British designer Faye Toogood in a celebration of Henri Matisse's artistic legacy. Inspired by Matisse's ink drawings from the book "Dessins: Thèmes et Variations," Toogood explores the artist's originality and liberation through the Esquisses collection. Drawing Matisse's work, Toogood created the Potrion armchair that echoes elements of still-life compositions, incorporating a pumpkin, vase, pitcher, and negative space. Natural materials and plush finishes soften the chair’s bold shape. 

F8 Armchair by Tecta

Image credit: Tekta

German brand Tecta treats Bauhaus lovers to the F8 armchair designed by Geckeler Michels. Featuring clear geometric lines and a sculptural expression, it follows the design principles of Gropius and his peers while its floating seat nods to Tecta's famous cantilever chairs.

Raquette Lounge Chair by Billiani

Image Credit: Billiani

Italian designer Cristina Celestino places an ace with the Raquette lounge chair, produced by Italian brand Billiani. She was inspired by the world of tennis, translating the webbing of a tennis racket into a  textured lattice adorning the side of the chair. Its seat rests on a raised wooden platform, creating a harmonious balance.

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