May 30, 2023

Milan 2023 Debrief: 10 side tables taking centre stage

Sizzling textures and striking shapes: these new side tables are ready for their close-up.

Milan 2023 Debrief: 10 side tables taking centre stage

Side tables are the silent assistants in every lounge setting. Carrying coffee cups, magazines or laptops, they rarely step into the spotlight. During this year’s Milan Design Week, however, we discovered brands embracing bold shapes, finishes and materials. From exquisite stained-glass craftsmanship to effective minimalism, check out ten side tables with stage-ready personalities.

Chain Side Table by Wonderglass

Wonderglass took over the impressive rooms of the Istituto dei Ciechi to bewitch visitors with the Abrakadabra exhibition. The company presented their latest exquisite stained-glass works designed by leading international creatives and made by the hands of Venetian artisans. We especially loved the Chain Side Table, a creation by British designer Bethan Laura. Inspired by the architecture of Japanese wooden temples, green and blue glass elements are stacked up to form an altar-like side table.  

Curv Side Table by David Hwan

We spotted the work by California-based designer David Hwan at Salone Satellite, the fair’s exhibition of up-and-coming talent. He presented the Curv side table, which features an orange glass surface resting on a hand-crafted, polished metal base mirroring its surroundings. The designer chose to leave screws exposed to balance its appearance with some industrial grit.

Gem Side Table by La Manufacture

Image: La Manufacture

French furniture brand La Manufacture took over the grand rooms of the majestic Casa Manzoni, located just a few steps away from the Duomo. Presenting a mix of collection highlights and new pieces, the Gem tables, designed by Sebastian Herkner, stood out to us. Their organic shape references cairns, the heap of stones created by ancient civilisations as landmarks or memorials.  

Heiji Side Tables by e15

Image: e15

German brand e15 launched the Heiji side tables, a design by the company’s founder Philipp Mainzer. Applying minimalist Japanese design aesthetics, he combines a round tabletop with a square base that includes a shelf. The plywood design available in various small to medium sizes and comes in orange, cream or black.

Loggia Coffee Table by Leolux

Image: Leolux

Dutch furniture manufacturer Leolux took up residence at this year’s Alcova, one of the most anticipated design shows during Milan Design Week. The brand’s new pieces included Loggia, a sculptural coffee table designed by Italian studio Studiopepe. While its tabletop made from birch plywood follows familiar shapes, the three asymmetrically placed, tapered legs beneath create a refreshing look. They are milled and can be specified in various finishes, all letting the natural grain of the wood shine through.  

Mangiafuoco Side Tables by Moroso  

Image: Alessandro Paderni for Moroso

Mangiafuoco, a collection of side tables designed by Zanellato/Bortotto for Moroso, showcases the fascinating effect applying hot enamel to copper. By using vitreous powders and high-temperature firing, the tabletops of these tables evolve from ordinary copper objects into extraordinary pieces with vibrant colours gradients. Every table pattern is unique, defined by the combination of powders and precise kiln time.

Altar Side Tables by Tacchini

Image: Tacchini

Italian brand teamed up with the designers of EWE Studio, which designed the sculptural Altar Side Tables. Exploring the heritage of pre-Hispanic cultures living in what is today Mexico, they drew inspiration from historic altars. The series available in multiple, tactile finishes with three material choices: cement, wood or ceramic.  

POV Coffee Tables by Ton

Image: Ton

Czech furniture manufacturer TON presents the P.O.V. coffee tables designed by Berlin-based Kaschkasch Studio. They feature the same distinctive rounded triangular leg as the eponymous modular table launched last year. Offered in three heights and a range of diameters, the tables are crafted from wood including oak, beech, and American walnut and come in lacquer or oil finishes, with the option of coloured stains for the tabletop. Additionally, the tables can be accessorized with electric sockets and IPAN wireless- charging.

Teatro Magico Side Tables by Saba Italia

Image: Sabe

Saba Italia put on quite a show at their buzzing stand in one of the fair halls – and the Teatro Magico table cast a spell on us. Inspired by the wavy drapes of theatre curtains, design agency 967arch developed two side tables with different heights that can neatly interlock. Both versions are available in matt or polished metallic surfaces or with a brush-stroke effect finish covering the polyurethane structure.  

Roopa Tables by Arper

Image: Salva Lopez for Arper

The Roopa side tables, a design by Doshi Levien, feature intriguing opposites. A semi-translucent glass covers the tabletop, creating a glossy effect, while the rest of the MDF frame is matte. The low version comes with asymmetrically distributed legs, supporting the round top. For the slightly taller square version, the design duo opted for a round disk anchoring the single leg.  

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