November 12, 2021

Reimagining the workplace – the future of the office

How has the pandemic changed the way we work? The Briefing by Clippings looks at how we can encourage collaborative work once again.

Reimagining the workplace – the future of the office

The start of the coronavirus pandemic left offices abandoned and remote working became the norm. However, fast forward to 2021 and the use of coworking space has reignited and more people are craving the social side of office work once again. With this in mind, architects and designers have had to reimagine the workplace as we know it. Employees are craving communal spaces that encourage collaboration and strong employee relationships. Whilst office functionality is of utmost importance, let us focus on cultivating an inviting coworking space to welcome back staff to offices once again. As businesses reinvent their coworking office space, how can designers refocus their attention to attract people to the office?

Collaborative workspace

After months of Zoom calls and socially distanced meetings – collaborative work can begin again. Redesigning your office space to encourage collaborative work is a great way to encourage your employees to return to the workplace.

However big or small your space is, creating dedicated zones for collaborative work is essential. Whether you want it to be central to your office design or you’d rather create dedicated collaborative hubs around your space – the choice is yours.

Collaborative workspaces have become a staple part of every modern office. Creating an open workspace demonstrates to your employees and clients that you’re an inviting company. Therefore, choosing contemporary office furniture that complements your space is important when conveying your company values.

Ultimately, a collaborative workspace should nurture teamwork, productivity and positivity amongst your employees.

Contemporary design

Gone are the days of fluorescent lighting and lifeless desk pods, sapping employee energy and creativity. Instead, we welcome natural light, open spaces and pops of tasteful colour – injecting life into your office space.

Company colours and themes will determine your office design. However, effective office furniture procurement and agile workplace furniture will transform your space in an instant.

Benefits of contemporary office design

Attract top employees

Potential employees trying to make a good first impression is often discussed. However, your company’s first impression is equally as valuable.

To increase the profitability of your business, you need to attract top talent to keep your business moving forward. As our workforce gets younger, your business must adapt. Millennials, Gen-Z and beyond will make up much of our future workforce. So, designing a contemporary office space will entice exciting talent as it exudes style, innovation, and modernisation. Using modern office furniture will appeal to their aesthetically driven desires.

Increased productivity

We live in a world where aesthetically pleasing spaces are a priority for business success. Light, bright and open space is perfect for fostering productivity. Designing your office space to encourage employee productivity will help your business identity whilst making your employees happy.

If you need help with your modern office furniture procurement – we can help. The Clippings platform offers contemporary office furniture to interior designers, architects and amateurs alike. We will work collaboratively with you to transform your office into a hub of expertise and style.

Recreational space

Whilst a workplace must have space dedicated to productivity and collaboration - recreational areas must also be considered. Providing space designed to give your employees the rest time they deserve will invoke healthy colleague relationships and a positive working environment.

Consider furnishing recreational spaces in contrast to your central working environment. Choose a softer colour palette connotating peace, rest, and relaxation. If you have a company colour, why not accent it in your rest areas? This will help to keep your brand identity continuous throughout your office.

Contrast the clean-cut lines of your office space with softer, rounded shapes throughout your recreational areas. Whether you choose one larger communal area or a few smaller dedicated spaces – make it work for your company.

Need help redesigning the recreational space in your office? Specialist workplace furniture consultants like ourselves have the expertise and innovative tech to help you achieve your design. So, get in touch to book a demo.

Coworking space

Whilst some businesses bounced back from the coronavirus pandemic, sadly many didn’t. However, this doesn’t mean companies have to give up on office work completely.

There has been a recent rise in the popularity of coworking offices - particularly businesses that utilise a hybrid working policy. Fewer people in the office means the demand for desk space is lessened. Therefore, coworking office space is in higher demand.

A huge advantage of coworking spaces is that they allow multiple companies to work separately or collaboratively. Businesses can rent or buy coworking space to accommodate their employees that need or want to work in an office. Coworking space design should be cool, contemporary, and sectional. Therefore, giving each area purpose and direction.

Reimagining your workplace

We are driven to serve the architecture and design communities with innovative tech that offers furniture solutions for the workplace. Our platform makes sourcing furniture straightforward, giving you complete transparency on pricing and supporting you every step of the design journey.  

Whether you shop directly from our extensive product catalogue, work in partnership with our design consultants, or use our Clip tool to source the perfect piece, our platform lets you do it all in one place.  

Book a 15-minute demo with our team to learn about Clippings’ unique functions. No matter your needs, we are here to help you get your project on track, on brief and completed on time. 

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