March 18, 2020

Sourcing furniture and lighting just got easier

Suffering from spreadsheet fatigue? We’ve released new features to our software, simplifying the whole sourcing process.

Sourcing furniture and lighting just got easier

Sure, discovering furniture and lighting for interior projects is fun. But when you’re ready to actually specifying all the pieces, the admin becomes quite a drag. At Clippings, we’re continuously working on our software to make the whole sourcing process a breeze. Just now, we've rolled out some new features that will speed-up and simplify every step of your specification process.

Visual curation and detailed information

Every project on Clippings starts with the board. Here you can add products that you think could be right for your interior by selecting them directly from our vast catalogue or uploading items from other suppliers. 

On the grid, you can visually organise your product selection and organise items into spaces.

The Grid view shows your selection as an image board for a visual overview, so you can see straightaway if you’re happy with the look and feel. You also have the option to create different spaces, for example, to split the project into are areas that you’ll be furnishing (eg. meeting room 1, breakout area,...). 

The list view shows you all products of your project, including lead time, unit price and status.

To see all the details, you can now easily switch to a list view showing all the products of your project so you can see also see lead times and unit price. You’ll also see a status field, which let’s you choose between Proposed, Approved and Rejected if you’re a collaboration with colleagues or your client directly on a project. 

Create multiple specifications for one project

It’s now possible for you to request multiple quotes for one project, so you can put together product selections for different budgets and styles. 

Use the tick boxes to select pieces that you want to add to your specification.

Simply tick all the products for which you want a quote - or pick “select all” to submit the whole project - and click “Add to specification”. This will create a quote request which will be listed under the “Quotes” tab of your project. 

Rename your specification

With our latest release, you can now rename the specification. The list of products now includes a few more columns, including fields for you to add a room or reference to each item. You can also see the RRP, trade discounts for items from the Clippings catalogue. 

At this stage, you also need to specify the quantities for each item and add a delivery address, so we can give you a quote showing the correct delivery cost. 

All ready? Click “Request a quote” at the bottom right. We can give you a instantly if your specification features only Clippings products with trade pricing. If you’ve added products from other suppliers, your quote will be ready within a maximum of 2 working days. You’ll be notified when it’s done. 

Editing a quote

You need to add products or change quantities? No problem, simply click on “Make changes” at the bottom right and the quote will return to draft status. Resubmit when you’ve made all the changes.

You now have the option to download the proforma invoice, a PDF version of the quote or an Excel spreadsheet including all products and details.

Log in or sign-up to Clippings now to try it yourself. 

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