Penthouse apartments in Central London

How architecture and interiors studio Rigby & Rigby worked with Clippings on two super-prime apartments designed to entertain in Covent Garden.


Project summary

  • Speedy product specification with the Clippings catalogue
  • Consolidation of orders from multiple brands in Clippings warehouse
  • Easy rescheduling of delivery and storage of products when construction was delayed

Rigby & Rigby came to Clippings with a design concept but only weeks to source furniture before everything was due on site for installation. Later in the project, an unforeseen delay in construction meant the site wasn't ready when expected.

"By purchasing through Clippings we reduced our procurement time, enabling us to focus more closely on the design."
Paul Fishpool, Studio Manager at Rigby & Rigby

The vast number of products in the Clippings marketplace made sourcing the right products easy, freeing up time for the designers to focus on the creative work. Since all products for the project were on one order and already consolidated at the Clippings warehouse, Rigby & Rigby could easily hold them there until ready, then re-schedule for immediate delivery.

Photography: Handover Agency for Rigby & Rigby

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