Sustainable sourcing
with Clippings

Your client cares. You care. And so do we. Let us help you to deliver projects projects with sustainably sourced furniture that meet the sustainability and environmental standards of your clients.

Meeting your sustainability standards

There are a myriad of labels and certificates defining a project as sustainable. Our procurement experts can help you find sustainable furniture that meet your client’s criteria.


We can create specifications that only include recyclable, responsibly sourced materials.


We can suggest items from brands with strong sustainability ethos.


We'll help you find local manufacturers, wherever your project is based.


We will ensure only high-quality items with a long life are sourced.

Get the right certifications

Our team can help you to find and order products from sustainable furniture brands that meet particular sustainability standards.


We can make sure that you only source products made with FSC-certified timber.

ISO 14001

Provide documentation in line with the Environmental Management System to qualify for ISO 14001.


We can create a specification  that only includes furniture pieces meeting the LEVEL® and LEED standards.

Swan Eco

Help you find and source products that are certified with the Swan Eco label.

Delivery including
recycling scheme

Our preferred installation partner for UK projects stands out by offering fantastic recycling and waste management services.

Packaging recycling

They own a recycling facility where 95% of packaging waste can be recycled.

Furniture recycling

Old pieces are disassembled, with materials like wood or metal being recycled and combustible materials are turned to fuel.


We can provide a full recycling audit trail with report and analysis.

Efficient Delivery

Consolidated delivery from the Clippings warehouse for orders from multiple suppliers reduces transportation emissions.

Created with Clippings

Silo Restaurant
by Nina+Co

Interior designer Nina Campbell used Clippings to source sustainable commercial furniture and lighting from sustainably minded brands for the world’s first zero-waste restaurant. We also helped with procuring custom contract furniture made of innovative mycelium fungus.

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